You never know what will happen on any given day at Naomi’s Heart Mission. Sometimes we will be called to minister in unexpected ways. As Christians, we must always be ready to do what God leads us to do.  This was put into practice last week as our Ministry team was heading out to one of the local High Schools in General Santos City.

Our new ministry is taking a team to each High School in General Santos City (and there are 26 High Schools) for 5 consecutive days to teach Values Education classes. The week ends with a recognition program and, if possible, a mini-crusade on Saturday. Each of our staff members spends the 5 days getting to know the same group of kids – building relationships, sharing their faith and teaching concepts like self-control, anger management, and dealing with pride.

Last week our team was on its way to one of the High Schools to make arrangements for this new program. It was a windy day, and as they were approaching the school, they witnessed a tree limb suddenly fall from a tree and strike a moving motorcycle carrying a young man from that High School as a passenger.   The van stopped to see if our workers could be of any help. The student was badly injured, having been struck in the head by the branch. They loaded the young man into the van and took off for the closest hospital. They sent word on to the school for someone to contact the parents of the boy and send them to the hospital.

When they reached the hospital, the nurse in charge looked at the boy’s injuries and decided that this small hospital did not have the proper facilities to deal with the severity of this trauma. Our team loaded the boy in the van again, leaving a contact number with the nurse for the parents, who were on their way.

During the trip from one hospital to the other, the boy was crying and in a lot of pain. Emily was holding the boy’s hand.   Our workers, concerned about the severity of the injuries, began praying over the boy. They were afraid because the nurse had assessed such serious injuries, including blood in the boy’s ear. As they called out to God to heal the injuries, their fears were calmed as they claimed His promises. They kept praying that the boy would be fine – that God would heal him completely – even though the first nurse had been so concerned and the boy was in such distress.

All of them kept praying until they arrived at one of the main hospitals in General Santos City. When they got there, they were able to ensure that the boy got needed treatment. They left the boy at the hospital before his mother arrived.

Emily told the boy his mother was on the way and to not worry, but just to keep praying. She told him, “You will be OK.”

Emily received a text message later in the day from the mother of the boy that had been injured. The text said, “This is the mother of the child you helped to the doctor. By God’s grace, my son is OK. The damage is only on his face.” She told Emily that they had already done an X-ray of the child’s skull and found no damage there. The blood that had been seen in his ear at the first hospital had disappeared and there was no indication there of anything wrong. She ended her message with “Thank you and God bless.” Where were those severe injuries that the first nurse had assessed? Gone – by the hand of God – by the time the boy was seen by the second set of medical personnel.

Our team took a risk in aiding an injured child – but what choice was there really? By God’s grace, they were there when needed. They took action and God blessed their obedience to His call to minister in the face of crisis. A miraculous healing took place. A family was touched by the hand of God.

down tree limb

The tree limb that fell and hit the motorcycle

Boy resting

The boy rests in the van.

Emily prays

Emily prays over the boy as they travel between hospitals.

At hospital

Awaiting treatment at Doctor’s Hospital, General Santos City