Our CSM team went up into the mountains to do a Christmas outreach.  More information about this outreach can be found on the “Photos of recent events” page on the Naomi’s Heart Mission website (http://www.naomisheartmission.org).  One of the people that the team met on this journey was a grandmother who is 105 years old.  She lives with her daughter, who must be in her late seventies or early eighties herself.  She told the workers that her vision is blurry now (possibly cataracts) but otherwise, the workers reported her strong and in good health for her age.  They were amazed.  She has lived her life in this village and worked hard to provide for her family as best she could with the limited resources available.

This village is in a remote area outside General Santos City. The nearest water source is 2 kilometers away.  There is no electric in the village except from a couple truck batteries.  Access to the village is difficult and done mostly by motorcycle, which limits the supplies that can be brought in.

As a couple team members talked with this woman, they were inspired by her attitude of contentment with her life.  She is a happy woman, grateful for her years and the family she has.  The one thing she was in need of was a pair of shoes.  She had none.  So the team found a pair of flip flops among the clothing brought along for distribution and was able to take care of that problem for her.  She was very appreciative.  The team also took bags of hygiene items, foods and gifts for handouts to the people of the village.   They made sure that this woman and her daughter got some extra bags.  After all, 105 is quite an achievement in a world with access to medicines and doctors.  How much more so in the remote villages in the mountains of the Philippines.