On New Year’s Eve, a group of our CSM workers volunteered to reach out to some of the poorest families we have met in General Santos City.  These are families that have been identified through our daily outreach and feeding program by Pastora Calinawagon.  She has met these families, prayed with them, given them food when in their area, and today we stopped by their homes to sing some carols and deliver a specially prepared gift bag.  Each bag included rice, noodles, canned goods, clothes, and toys.  We also gave a pair of flip flops at each stop.

Bags packed

We set out to find these homes, not quite sure exactly where any of them were, but with the help of local government officials, we were led and directed down unpaved alleys to the right places.  These are truly families in need.  At one home we met a mentally unstable woman with a medically ill adult daughter.  One stop was a single mom with 6 children to raise.  One home housed an 86 year old grandmother.  At two stops, we found only the children, older children caring for younger while the parents were out trying to get supplies.  One home was leaning so badly that if a table had not been pushed up against it, the structure would have fallen over.  A couple of the homes had no doors, just a cloth to cover the opening.

We went with the intent of letting these families know that they are loved.  Words of encouragement were spoken.  A few recipients responded with tears.  We were blessed at being able to end the year with one more chance to share God’s love in a practical and real way.