A parent of a sponsored child at NHM asked a favor of our CSM team.  He asked that they go to the home of his aunt and minister to her there.  The aunt is weak physically and was in need of comfort and some spiritual uplifting.  There were also conflicts within the family and the parent was hoping our team of pastors and ministry workers could help resolve some of those issues.

Our CSM team took the challenge and traveled to Mabuhay Maros Subdivision, outside General Santos City.

When our team arrived at the home, they met Aunt Lisa.  Lisa is in frail condition and is house-ridden.  She is cared for by her sister, and there have been difficulties in their relationship.  Both sisters are at times angry and impatient with each other.  Lisa is a Christian.  She was at one time active as a Sunday School teacher and a Bible class teacher.  Now her health keeps her from being able to work for the Lord.  She felt frustrated and discontent.

The CSM team began to talk with Lisa and pray over her.  They prayed for her physical healing.  They prayed over her relationship with her sister / care provider.  They shared scripture with her.   They sang songs of praise and worship together.   They encouraged her to look beyond her situation and see that she is not a hopeless person – that God still has a purpose for her life.

Lisa felt the peace of the Lord as she talked with the CSM workers.  Emily recounts that a glow came back into Lisa’s eyes as she was reminded that the only miserable people are those without God in their hearts.  Lisa realized that she is still able to work for the Lord – to minister to and pray for her family members.  Lisa told the workers that she now knows why God still has her here on earth.  She has a purpose.  Her hopelessness was gone as she focused on God’s love for her and the thought that even though she seems to have little, she really has much.  She once again felt God’s presence in her life.

Our CSM team left Lisa and her sister with a renewed sense of hope and joy.  Once again, they had shared the love of the Lord to a fellow believer and walked away feeling humbled and blessed to be doing this work.  May God continue to use all of us at NHM to accomplish His purposes wherever He calls us to go and whatever that work looks like.  To Him alone be all the glory.


Lisa (in light blue) and her sister (in pink) surrounded by our CSM workers (in dark blue shirts).