A 16 year old unwed mother passed away during a C-section delivery of her baby.  Her mother was there and became the immediate guardian of the baby, Diane Rose.  The baby went home from the hospital with the grandmother.  After a week, the baby was back at the hospital, which is where our CSM workers met them.  The baby had at that point been in the hospital for three weeks.   The baby looked awful – dehydrated and starving.  It had been two days since she had any formula.  Yes – in the hospital.  No formula.  The hospital will care for the medical needs of the baby but the family must provide the formula.

baby first picturebaby grandmother

Before returning to the hospital, the grandmother had tried to use a less expensive formula but it was not helping the baby.  The baby was rejecting it and not growing.  The baby was slowly dying.

Our CSM team came back and reported the story to our NHM administrator.  He immediately issued an order for a can of formula to be taken to the hospital for the baby.  Within a day, the baby was already showing signs of improvement.  Our CSM team continued to visit each day and talk and pray with the grandmother.  One day during their visit, the baby’s father was there.  He had been contacted and had come – and brought another can of the needed formula.  He wanted to help – to get to know his daughter.  The baby’s health improved and she was released from the hospital.baby - after foodAfter 2 weeks, our CSM team found the grandmother and Diane Rose at the hospital again.  Same story – the family cannot continue to buy the needed formula.  The cost is P500 ($11.00) per can.  The father makes P190 ($4.10) per day as a laborer.  A can lasts maybe a week to 10 days.  Our team will check on the baby again in the coming days.  Not sure what they will find.  The hospital will do what they can to keep the baby alive but I am not sure how that will happen without the right formula.  God will need to intervene on behalf of this little one.  As much as our hearts are breaking over this, there is only so much we can do right now.  There are so many children, so many similar stories.  This is a story we will continue to monitor, help where we can, and write the ending as it happens.  Please pray for Diane Rose and her family.