One of our CSM workers was visiting people in the hospital last week.  CSM stands for Community Service Ministry and this ministry regularly goes to hospitals to pray for people, give food and other needed supplies, hand out Bibles and other materials, and help with paperwork families have to do.   Emily, our worker,  went into a room and was surprised to see a young girl that she recognized.  Emily had taught this  girl in a Values Education class at the Lanton Elementary school two years before.

This girl, named Angeline,  has a brain tumor.   Her eyes are bulging out from her head and she has lost her vision.

Emily asked if the girl remembered her.  Angeline said yes.  Emily talked to the girl and her parents.  Emily asked if Angeline remembered the lessons she had shared about Jesus.  Angeline smiled and said yes.  Emily shared with the family that we never know when our time on earth will end. For any of us, it could be at any moment.  Emily reminded Angeline that when we believe in Jesus, we live forever with him in Heaven.  Emily told Angeline that it didn’t matter if Emily got to Heaven first, or if the girl got to Heaven first. What was important is that they would both see each other again there.  That is the promise and hope we all have in Jesus.

Emily told Angeline that she has a mission – her mission is to make sure her parents also will be able to see her again in Heaven.  She needs to remember what Emily has taught her and share that with her parents.  Emily encouraged her that God is using her to do that.  Angeline agreed.

It is hard to minister to children who are facing death no matter what country you are in.  This girl’s family only has one wish at this point:  They would like the school to allow Angeline to graduate in March from Grade 6, even though she has missed so much school.  For them, that is as far into the future as they are able to look.

Our prayers are with this family as they face this challenge.  Our team will continue to minister – it is what they do.   We will pray that God will heal in whatever way He chooses.  We trust in His perfect plan.  We will pray that Angeline’s life will be a testimony to a faithful and compassionate God.  And we rest in the assurance that those of us who know Jesus as Lord will get to see this young lady again as we stand together in the presence of our mighty God.

To God alone be the glory.


This is Angeline asleep in her hospital bed. Her caretakers are also taking the opportunity to rest.